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Umm el-Jimal's Revealing Objects

While Umm el-Jimal is most often noted by scholars for its stunning architecture and wealth of inscriptions, even the simplest of objects recovered during excavations at the site reveal information about the ancient people who lived in the area. As a prosperous frontier town, most of the artifacts unearthed at Umm el-Jimal are utilitarian, simple forms that would have been used by locals in everyday life.


The artifacts are stored securely in the Mafraq regional office of Jordan's Department of Antiquities, and will eventually be moved back to Umm el-Jimal itself once the planned Site Museum is complete.


The interactive artifact wall on this page is cross-platform compatible and should work on most media devices. To explore the wall, move the mouse pointer in any direction over the wall area, tilt your motion-sensitive device, or swipe for touch screens. Click or tap directly on an image to see a detailed lightbox view with a close-up image and more information about the object. Users with slower Internet connections should allow time for each image to load in full resolution. For more information about the technology underlying this guide, required computer plugins, and troubleshooting see the Help page.

Educational Curriculum

The project's Curriculum contains more context about several of the artifacts featured here, geared toward educators and students. Educational users, especially, are encouraged to save the slides in this gallery for use along with the education manual. To save an image, left click to bring up its detailed view in the gallery, then right click to download.

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Other Image Collections

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