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The Umm el-Jimal Project's educational curriculum is a comprehensive set of English and Arabic resources for students and teachers designed to be used in conjunction with the multimedia and other web-based resources available on this website. First and foremost, the curriculum has been designed according to existing public school curriculum standards in Jordan for four areas of study: Arts and Architecture, Civics, Geology, and History. The work's core output is a detailed, full-color education manual containing extensive background information along with multiple lesson plans for each discipline. Along with the website itself, the manual's figures, images, and maps are also available to download for educators to develop their own presentations and classroom materials.

Work on the educational curriculum has been a collaboration with Jordan's Ministry of Education, Open Hand Studios, as well as Jordanian and American educators. Development of the curriculum was made possible by generous funding from the Archaeological Institute of America's Site Conservation grant program. All downloadable materials on this page are licensed to users under a Creative Commons noncommercial copyright.

Main image: Ruins along the western edge of the ancient Byzantine and early Islamic town are located adjacent to the local boys' school, part of a modern community of several thousand surrounding the historical site.