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Maps, Plans, and Illustrations

A wide variety of drawings related to the Umm el-Jimal Project have been created since research began at the site in the early 20th century. A major result of H. C. Butler’s Princeton University Expedition to Southern Syria in 1905 and 1909 were a series of architectural plans of major structures, including many of the site’s churches. This research tradition continues with the Umm el-Jimal Project's complete set of drawings across six major categories. Much of this continuously growing set has been digitized, with work now underway to digitally archive the remainder.


Project maps include site-wide plans identifying structures and regional overviews of the area around the late antique town and Roman village.

Plans & Elevations

Architectural plans and elevations focus on the site's major buildings, as well as record archaeological squares and strata.

Inscription Recordings

Many of the hundreds of inscriptions found at Umm el-Jimal and its surrounds have been recorded and published with formal drawings.

Object Drawings

Object sketches and finished illustrations form a significant part of the project's archaeological research records.

Pottery Sherd Recordings

Sherd recordings, rim typologies, and other pottery drawings are part and parcel of the archaeology project's work.

Site Illustrations

Over time, project staff and the site's early scholars have built up a variety of illustrations of the site and its environment, as well as reconstructions based on archaeological evidence.

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Educational Curriculum

The project's Curriculum is especially geared toward educators and students. Educational users are encouraged to save the digital images in this gallery for use along with the education manual. To save an image, left click to bring up its detailed view in the gallery, then right click to download.

Excavation stake

Other Image Collections

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