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Photography and Other Still Imagery

The Umm el-Jimal Project’s photographic and raster image archive currently ranges in the tens of thousands. Much of the data is in digital formats or has been digitized, created from a range of sources and for five main purposes.

Research Records

A complete, master record of the project’s Surveys, Excavations, and documentation fieldwork of the ancient site.

Community Documentation

A long-term archive focused on the modern Community of Umm el-Jimal and its history of reoccupation since the late 1800s, including its people and the town’s context.

Aerial Imagery

A range of balloon- and plane-based images taken of the ancient Byzantine town and its vicinity.

Remote Sensing

High-resolution (60cm), 4-band color QuickBird images, SRTM elevation data, and other satellite-based raster images for use in the project’s GIS and mapping efforts.

Virtual Reality

Includes stereo-pair images for use in creating a photo-realistic, 3D Modeling of major buildings at Umm el-Jimal, as well as Quicktime virtual reality photography for the project’s Virtual Tour and online Artifact Exhibit.

How to Use This Media

The interactive image wall on this page is cross-platform compatible and should work on most media devices. To explore the wall, move the mouse pointer in any direction over the wall area, tilt your motion-sensitive device, or swipe for touch screens. Click or tap directly on an image to see a detailed lightbox view with a close-up image and more information. Users with slower Internet connections should allow time for each image to load in full resolution. For more information about the technology underlying this guide, required computer plugins, and troubleshooting see the Help page.

Educational Curriculum

The project's Curriculum is especially geared toward educators and students. Educational users are encouraged to save the digital drawings in this gallery for use along with the education manual. To save a drawing, left click to bring up its detailed view in the gallery, then right click to download.

Sunset over Umm el-Jimal

Other Image Collections

Want to view more photographs and images? Wander through a 360° site walk in the Virtual Tour, browse selected artifacts in the Artifact Exhibit, or watch slideshows about Umm el-Jimal's Architecture, Inscriptions, and Ceramics.